Thursday Highs and Lows

My little Thursday was going well until I attempted to fix my hair. remember a while ago when I dyed my hair blonde because I was having a quarter life crisis? #Düşük nokta

I still think that jelly fish stung me because my hair was so tragic. I deserved it. #Düşük nokta
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Kötü koşular oluyor – işte onu nasıl geçtim ve bir sonraki koşumdan öğrendim. tip to help you become a better runner by being a neutral observer of your workouts.

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Over a year ago, I put it back to red and my natural hair color has grown out to my shoulders. Görmek? My natural color looks unnatural to begin with. thank you Jesus.But, the old dyed part is lighter than my real color so I tried to dye the ends today. It turned out pink. #Düşük nokta

So, I made myself an iced coffee…

and enjoyed the most incredible Costco samples for a high. Sugar high This is a pie crust spread with butter, cinnamon and sugar – then, rolled and baked. Tanrı hepimizi korusun. #Yüksek nokta

I completely massacred my pizza for dinner. #Düşük nokta

So, I put on some extra make up while cooking up another one on fancy sourdough bread.

After my evening clients I met up with my favorite OC bloggers for fro-yo. #Yüksek nokta

My mom gave me a hooked up Yogurtland card a while back and I got crazy with it. #Yüksek nokta

I polished this off in 32 seconds. Alenen. #Düşük nokta

Margot did her signature pose. #Yüksek nokta

SkinnyRunner got hit on by a vagrant. #Düşük nokta

The fellow fro-yo lovers: Sarah from once Upon a Lime, Heather, Some Mexican and Margot the faster Bunny

I have friends (or people who are willing to take pics with me in public, which is basically the same thing). #Yüksek nokta

What was your high point and low point today?

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