By Land and By Sea in Panama

Ben and I woke up very early this morning to the catch the 5:30am bus back into Panama City. It was rough, but saved us $38.00 (read: worth it).

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Marathon training Day 3

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When we got to the transportation terminal we stopped to get breakfast. I’m kinda sick of empanadas and was craving an egg sandwich. Luckily, there was a subway there! They actually make the eggs for your sandwich best there! No egg patties in Panama!

But, the cooking process took so long (she could only make one six inch at a time?) that we had to take them to go.

I ate at the next stop – the boat dock!

Ben and I took a ferry to Taboga Island. It’s not too far from Panama City and took about 40 minutes by boat.

A canine took the ferry too. He might have been the captain, things are very informal here.

Once we were back on dry land we put our stuff down at our cute little B&B – Cerrito Tropical.

Then, we changed into bathing suits and headed to the beach.

Beklemek. first we needed a snack – fresh ceviche.

Okay, now we can swim with the ceviches fishes.

Yes, I find pictures of girls in bikinis tacky. and I realize I am Monica “tacky” Olivas best now.

But this is my blog and I need to preserve the memory of this before it all goes to shit. Plus, it’s good to compare the difference year to year and see if I’m letting it go just yet (since I’m an old married woman with no shame about begging for chocolate cake – see below).

Ben and I unwinded in the water for a while before laying on our towels. Then, I did something that I’ve never done before on a beach. I can’t believe I did this…

Şekerleme yaptım! Ah! So not my style, but I guess I am slowly learning how to unwind ?

We woke up just in time to realize the tide was coming in FAST! The sandbar we were sleeping on was actually under water within 15 minutes.

We viewed from an old hut.

Ben thought it was the coolest thing.

Monica thought she ought to start selling lessons on ‘how to suck it in’ as she is certainly the world’s many popular expert. bana güven.

We walked back on the island’s one road in search of food.

This place was discussed in our Lonely planet book, so we wanted to give it a whirl.

It was amazing seafood. Harika.

I ate my food and then attacked Ben’s whole fried fish. growing up in a Mexican area mojarra frita is no biggie to me. He didn’t really know how to attack it like I did.

I’m not sure if it was dead before we were served it, because I killed this thing!

The only teeny tiny negative was that the “Coco Loco” didn’t have alcohol?! It was just a virgin pina colada in a coconut.   After lunch we headed back to the hotel for showers and relaxing. They have a really good indoor and outdoor communal area.

Then, it was time for dinner. I love how getaways seem to have so much good food!

We ended up at a Chinese style place that was packed with locals. If they count on it, I will too.

Dinner was good, but I have been on a mission for chocolate because yesterday. Luckily, I found the chef at our hotel before he closed the kitchen. I am shameless, and essentially had to go to the door and beg for a piece of chocolate cake. The shame was worth it.

I think we’re grabbing another early ferry tomorrow morning! Daha sonra görüşürüz ?

Question: Do you have a secret talent? What is a talent you would like to learn that other people do well?

I want to learn how to skip dessert. That would be something. Also, I want to learn how to chill out.

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